Grade Pull Step-by-Step

  1. Sign into MyNMSU.
  2. Select Banner Self Service.
  3. Select the Faculty Services tab.
  4. Click Term Selection. 201540 is the default.
  5. Click CRN selection to select class.
  6. Click on Midterm Grades (6-week progress grades).
    • Note: The Midterm Grade form will not open until 8 a.m. on Friday, September 25.
  7. Click on the Grades button. The program will populate the Canvas grades into the Grade field. The pull of grades from Canvas can only happen if the course has an enabled grading scheme ( Please remember that the Canvas gradebook must also be up to date for the grades to be accurate.
  8. You can make changes if you wish to once the grades are in Banner.
  9. If your class has more than 50 students, you’ll have to pull grades for each page. Be sure to submit before going to the next page.