Student Guidelines for Adobe Connect in Canvas

Computer Requirements:

  • Computer: Best if hardwired (Ethernet cable), as opposed to wireless.
  • Browser: On a PC, use Firefox or Chrome. On a Mac, use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (Do NOT use Internet Explorer).
  • Software Updates: Make sure your browser and Adobe Flash are up to-date. You may be prompted to install the Adobe Connect plug-in the first time you join an Adobe Connect meeting.
  • Sound: Use headphones or earbuds for class. This is important! Your computer microphone will pick up sound from your computer speakers or external speakers and cause echo, or worse, feedback. You won’t necessarily hear the echo, but your classmates will.

Watching Class Live:

  1. Log into Canvas.
  2. You will get an email invitation to each Adobe Connect conference your instructor creates. Click on the Conference link in the email, or…
  3. On the left side toolbar in Canvas, click on Conferences.
  4. Find the appropriate week and class topic.
  5. Click on the Join button for the designated class session, this will launch the Adobe Connect (AC) meeting room window. You may be prompted to install the Adobe Connect plug-in the first time you join an Adobe Connect meeting.
  6. Once in AC, the instructor may enable your microphone. On the pop-up window, click Allow.
  7. Click on the Meetings drop-down menu and select Audio Wizard to configure your speakers and microphone (do this every time you join an AC meeting).
  8. After running the Audio Wizard, mute your microphone by clicking on the microphone icon at the top or your screen (unless you have a comment or question to share).
  9. If you have a question or wish to contribute to a class discussion, use the button on the top of your screen to raise your hand.
  10. After the instructor has acknowledged you, unmute your microphone and respond.
  11. When finished, mute your microphone again.

Watching a Recorded Session:

  1. Log into Canvas.
  2. On the left side toolbar, click on Conferences.
  3. Click on the small triangle (arrow) to the left of the Conference name.
  4. The recording link will drop down underneath the Conference name.
  5. Click on the View button to the right of the recording title.