UPDATE #4: Intermittent Login Issues with Canvas

Monitoring – Our remediation process has been implemented and a lot of Canvas processes appear to be working correctly again. We are continuing to monitor this situation though, to ensure there’s no lingering effects. We will post another update once we are confident that there are no longer any issues.

We sincerely appreciate your patience.
Mar 13, 10:30 MDT

Update – The restoration process is taking a bit longer than expected. Our DevOps team now thinks that it could be another 15-25 minutes. We will post updates as they become available, as well as when the remediation plan has been completed. Thank you for your continued patience

Update – We are working on a remediation plan to get Canvas services back to normal. Our DevOps team has informed us that the results of the plan may not be apparent for 30 minutes, but have started that process immediately. We will post an update once we have further information about the remediation process.
Mar 13, 09:35 MDT

Update – Canvas DevOps team is still investigating what might be causing service interruptions for some Canvas users. It appears to be affecting components that have interaction with external services such as Authentication servers, and Crocodoc.

We’ll post an update again shortly, thank you so much for your patience.
Mar 13, 09:23 MDT

Update – Our engineers are continuing to troubleshoot the intermittent issues where users cannot login to Canvas nor view certain documents through Speedgrader. Another component that’s being affected by this situation is media uploads are also sporadically experiencing a time out error message.

We will continue to post new updates every 15 minutes for this situation. We appreciate your patience.
Mar 13, 09:04 MDT

From Instructure Support:

Investigating – Our Operations team is currently investigating reports of external authentications systems (CAS, LDAP, SAML) not processing successfully. We’ll update soon with more details and thank you for your patience at this time.
Mar 13, 08:25 MDT

We are currently experiencing intermittent log in issues with Canvas. As soon as we have this issue fixed we will update the community. Again, this log in issue is intermittent and multiple log in attempts are sometimes successful.

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