Canvas Tip: An Easy Way to Validate Links

Use this Canvas feature to check links 

Academic Technology would like to remind all NMSU instructors about the Course Link Validator tool in Canvas. This tool will check all links in a course to be sure they work properly. Rather than checking links one-by-one or relying on students to call attention to broken links, this tool will complete the check in one click. To access the Validate Links option, click on Settings in the course navigation. One the course settings page in the right sidebar, you will find “Validate Links.”

After the process finishes, it will list the number of broken links. The broken links will be linked with a link to the page with the broken link and the path of the broken link. Click the page title to review the page. On the page, click Edit to fix the link. After you fix all broken links, be sure to run the validator again to be sure all broken links are fixed. If pages are renamed or deleted, the delete tag will display next to the broken link path.

By default, the link validator will also check for links to unpublished pages. When students click on a link to an unpublished page, they will see a warning message that they do not have access to the content.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Academic Technology at 575-646-5125.

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