Adobe Connect in Canvas FAQ

Adobe Connect in Canvas LTI

The Adobe Connect LTI provides full functionality and an improved end-user experience for faculty and students. New features include: multiple recordings in the same meeting room, “add a guest” function for inviting guest speakers in to an Adobe Connect meeting, reporting-including meeting attendance and recording views, and office hours that populate across all of your courses with one click. Adobe Connect in Canvas workshops are offered each month. Visit Upcoming Workshops or contact Academic Technology for more information.

How do I create an Adobe Connect class meeting?

Creating a Meeting

To create a Class Meeting:

  1. Click on Adobe Connect from the left navigation menu in your Canvas course.
  2. Click the Add Meeting button in the Course Meetings section of Adobe Connect.
    1. The best practice is to only create one meeting room under the Course Meetings section and return to that meeting each time the class meets. With the LTI, multiple recordings can be made from the same meeting room. This makes navigating to the meeting room and to the recordings list easier for students.
  3. Name the session and click Next.
  4. Select your full course roster should appear under the Canvas Available Users list. Sync the roster using the button at the lower left and then click the Add button below the list (only if necessary) to add all users to the Adobe Connect Participants list on the right.
  5. Set the User Role in the Adobe Connect meeting room by selecting the name of the student in the Adobe Connect Participants list on the right and selecting Set User Role below the list.
    1. Participants have minimal privileges and will need to wait for the meeting host to enable their microphone, camera, and screen sharing privileges. This is the default role for all students in the course.
    2. Presenters have default permission to turn on their microphone, camera, and screen share options.
    3. Hosts have full control of the meeting room. It is not advisable to give any students the host role in your Course Meeting.
  6. You have the option to record your course meeting. Recordings will appear under the Recordings tab in the Course Meeting section.
How do I facilitate an Adobe Connect class meeting?

Facilitating a Meeting

Follow the steps below to successfully facilitate an Adobe Connect class meeting:

  1. Make sure you have a strong Broadband, DSL, or LTE internet connection. A hardwired Ethernet connection is recommended, but a strong, uncrowded WiFi/LTE connection will also work.
  2. Update your browser. On a PC, use the latest version of either  or Chrome (do not use Internet Explorer or Windows 10 Edge browser). On a Mac, use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome (on El Capitan 10.11 or macOS Sierra 10.12 you may need to use Firefox).
  3. You may need to install or enable Adobe Flash to successfully download the Adobe Connect Meeting App.
    1. Enable Flash in Chrome
    2. Enable Flash in Firefox
  4. Install the Adobe Connect Meeting App on your computer.
    1. For Windows (64 bit & 32 bit): Click here to install (version 2021.4.36.64, posted 7-May-2021. Release Notes)
    2. For Mac: Click here to install (version 2021.4.36.64, posted 7-May-2021. Release Notes)
  5. After completing steps 1-4, run the Meeting Connection Test to test your computer.
  6. Get the best sound. Pick a quiet location and use either earbuds or a headset (avoid Bluetooth headsets). You can even use the earbuds + microphone that are included with most smartphones. Otherwise, your computer microphone will pick up sound from your computer speakers or external speakers and cause echo, or worse, feedback. You won’t necessarily hear the echo, but your students will.
  7. Go to the meeting room. Once you have completed the above steps, click on Adobe Connect from the left navigation menu in your Canvas course and then click Join for the course meeting you want to facilitate.
  8. Set up your audio. Once you enter the Adobe Connect meeting room, click on the microphone icon on the top menu bar (the icon will turn green). You will need to click allow to activate the microphone and then run the Audio Setup Wizard found under the Meeting drop down menu. This video will demonstrate the Audio Setup Wizard.
What is the YouTube Pod and how do I use it for my class?

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