How to Successfully Set-Up i>Clicker for your Canvas Course

In order to successfully set-up your i>Clicker files to be inline with NMSU’s Canvas Integration, please follow this steps below.

Step 1: download the appropriate i>clicker files for PC. There is a different installation plan for iclicker files for Mac machines.

Then IMMEDIATELY UPDATE to the latest i>clicker software version.

Once you complete these set ups, please immediately update to the latest i>clicker software version by finding “HELP” and “Check for Update”. If an update is available, please update.

Open new i>clicker folder and launch the i>clicker application – you’ll notice the “i>clicker” blue & white icon.

Step 2: Choose “+ Create” to create a new course”. Name this “course” whatever you like as it is not associated with the official Banner-fed title.

Step 3: Click “Open Gradebook”.

Step 4: Authenticate with Canvas: Locate and click on “Sync Roster”. This will lead you to our “” Canvas log-on page. Enter your information in. Your username are the characters before “”.  Click “Log in” once the “i>clicker – Canvas” box appears.

Select your desired course from the course list that will appear.

Press “Sync Rosters” again. If done successfully, it will read “Student roster downloaded successfully”. Hit “close”.

What do the colors on the students’ names mean?

  • If there is a red clicker number on the roster, the student has purchased but not registered that i>clicker.
  • If the student’s name is red, this means they may not have purchased or registered an i>clicker.
  • If the student’s name is in blue, this means they have registered their i>clicker.

Step 4: Upload scores into Canvas – from the i>clicker Gradebook, select “Sync Scores”. This will upload selected “sessions” into your Canvas Gradebook.