Basic Online Course Checklist

Minimum Criteria for Online Courses
 Course Title  Instructor
 Course SIS ID  Instructor email


 Criteria Yes No NA
A.  A current syllabus is available in the course.
B.  Instructor’s contact information and office hours are provided.
C.  Textbook information (with ISBN) and/or other required materials are identified and included in the LMS.
D.  Expected turn-­‐around time in responding to students’ emails is stated (e.g., within 24 hours or 24–48 hours).
E.  Instructor is active in the course and communicating with students (e.g., logging in a minimum of once a week AND a minimum of 1 hour per week of activity, updates and changes via announcements or e-­‐mail, progress and feedback via Gradebook, etc.).
F.  Assignments are scheduled and have due dates.
G.  A variety of assessment methods and types are included.
H.  Use of LMS tools to support course activities/assignments (e.g., announcements, assignments, discussions, conferences, quizzes, etc.




Adapted from Online Course Basic Checklist on pages 2 & 3 and R. Poulin; 2012, April 20

Poulin, R. (2012, April 20). Is your distance education course actually a correspondence course? Retrieved from­‐definition/