Canvas FAQ

How do I prepare my Gradebook to pull grades from Canvas to Banner?

Step 1: Enable and set the Grading Scheme
Step 2: Make sure all assignments have been graded
Step 3: Grading Rules will be seen with grey diagonal lines

See Preparing your Canvas Gradebook to Pull Grades to Banner for detailed instructions.

How do I pull grades from Canvas to Banner?
How do I maximize quiz security in Canvas?

Please see the document on the Canvas Community: Quiz Settings to Maximize Security

What are LTIs? How do I add them to my Canvas courses?

LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability. Click the link to learn more about the LTIs currently installed at the university level.

What happened to my past semester courses?

Students – Shortly after moving to Canvas, faculty asked if there was a way to prevent students from seeing courses once the semester had ended. Recently the Faculty Senate asked that students not have access to their Canvas courses once the semester has ended. At the time of both requests this was not possible. Back in April of 2015, Instructure (the company that makes Canvas) added functionality that allowed NMSU the ability to restrict students from viewing courses after the end date of the course. This functionality was enabled at that time.

Faculty – The day after grades are made available to students in myNMSU, your Canvas courses are put into a read-only mode and automatically moved to the Past Enrollments area of your Courses page. To access this area of Canvas, move your mouse over the Course (or Courses & Groups) menu and click on the View All or Customize link. On this page you will see Current Enrollments, Past Enrollments and, possibly, Future Enrollments (depending on the time of the year).

When can I access my Canvas courses?

Students – Students can access their Canvas courses one week prior to the start of the semester in which they are taught. This was an agreement between by the Associates Dean’s Academic Council (ADAC), the University Registrar, and the Learning Management System Team (LMS Team).

Faculty – Faculty can access their Canvas courses on the following dates:

Fall – August 1st
Spring – December 1st
Summer – May 1st

How long do I have access to my Canvas courses after the semester ends?

Students – Students have access to their Canvas courses until the day after grades post in myNMSU for the semester in which the courses were taught. This was an agreement between the Associates Dean’s Academic Council (ADAC), the University Registrar, and the Learning Management System Team (LMS Team).

Faculty – Faculty have access to their Canvas courses in a read-only mode for 2 years and 1 week beyond the end of the semester in which the course was taught. This allows for the retention of the course data in case of grade challenges and Incompletes.

How do I access files I submitted as assignments in my past courses?

Students can access any file that was uploaded to a course as an attachment or assignment by going into their Profile (clicking on their name in the upper right corner of the Canvas Dashboard), clicking on the Files tab on the left side navigation menu, and looking in the “unfiled” folder. These are the files as they were attached or submitted. If a student needs access to a file that was annotated, they will need to contact the instructor of the course.

How do I download assignments out of my past courses?

Faculty can download individual assignments from past courses by going into the course list, clicking on “View All or Customize”, and then scrolling down to Past Enrollments. After clicking into the course, you would click on “Grades”. Once there, locate the assignment and click on the drop-down of that column. This is where you’ll find “Download Submissions” (to download all submissions) and “Speed Grader”. Opening assignments in Speed Grader will give you the ability to view and/or download individual submissions.

How do I publish my course?

Follow the instructions for publishing your course from Instructure.

How do I import content from another Canvas course?

Follow the instructions for importing content from another Canvas course.

How do I manually cross-list courses?

Please submit the Cross List Request form.

This Canvas Community Discussion explains cross-listing in a little more detail.

How do I clear my browser cache?

Follow the instructions for clearing the cache on your browser on a PC or on a Mac.

I can't upload files to Canvas.

There is a browser caching relationship between the file uploader and browsers that sometimes prevent users from uploading files into Canvas.

What are the recommended browsers for Canvas?

The recommended Windows browsers for Canvas are Firefox and Chrome. If you are using a Mac, Safari is also recommended. Canvas works best with the latest version of the Flash and Java plugins. We do not recommend Internet Explorer.

Learn more about the Software Requirements for Canvas from Instructure.

If I currently don’t have courses, how can I access my past courses?

You can access the list of courses by logging into Canvas and then going to View All Courses.

I use a screen reader. Is Canvas accessible?

Yes. Instructure recommends the following screen readers based on browser choice:

  • Macintosh: VoiceOver (latest version for Safari)
  • PC: JAWS (latest version for Internet Explorer 10 &11)
  • PC: NVDA (latest version for Firefox)
  • There is no screen reader support for Canvas in Chrome