How to Pull Grades from Canvas and Submit to Banner through MyNMSU

NMSU has developed a new tool that enables instructors to pull the Total grade from a Canvas course gradebook into their course grade submission pages in myNMSU. This document describes the steps needed to complete the process successfully.

1. Prepare your Canvas Gradebook

2. Pull the grades (step-by-step instructions here)

  • Go to the course grade submission page in myNMSU
  • Click on the Grades button
    • If there is no Grades button, then the Grading Scheme is not enabled
    • The process will pull up to 50 student grades at a time

3. Before submitting the pulled grades

  • Check grades
  • Fill in last dates of attendance for failing students
  • Check grades

4. Submit the grades

  • Click on Submit button
  • Repeat as needed for courses larger than 50 students