Preparing your Canvas Gradebook to Pull Grades to Banner

Step 1: Enable and set the Grading Scheme
Step 2: Make sure all assignments have been graded
Step 3: Grading Rules will be seen with grey diagonal lines

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Step 1:

The Grading Scheme in your Canvas course must be enabled.

How do I enable a grading scheme for my course?

How do I create a grading scheme for my course?

Open Course Details

Click the Course Details tab.


Enable Granding Scheme

Click the Enable course grading scheme checkbox


Step 2:

For progress grades, make sure your grade book is up to date.  All assignments, up to the point of the submission of the progress grade, must be graded.  This means that there should be no dashes (-) in the grade book up to this point.  The cells need to either have a value or and EX (excused) in them.

For final grades, make sure all grade cells in the Canvas Gradebook have either a value or an EX (excused). There should be no cells with a dash (-). Please see this page in the Canvas Guides for steps to “excuse an assignment for a student in the gradebook”.

In the Gradebook cell, type EX for an excused assignment. Then press the Enter key.


Step 3:

If a “Grading Rule” is being used to “drop the lowest/highest”, the dropped cell will display the students’ grades along with gray diagonal lines going through it. This signifies the grade will be dropped and not used in the grade calculation.

How to set a Grading Rule

Edit Assignment Group

Click the Assignment Group Settings drop-down menu [1]. Click the Edit link [2].


Create Rules

For each Assignment Group, you can create one of three grading rules:

  1. Drop (ignore) the lowest x scores for each student
  2. Drop (ignore) the highest x scores for each student
  3. Never drop a specific assignment



Icons in Gradebook cells mean there is unfinished grading. Each cell should include a value or an EX.

  1. Discussion Icon:Graded discussion submitted, but not graded
  2. Document Icon:File upload submitted, not graded
  3. Filmstrip Icon:Media recording submitted, not graded
  4. Text Icon:Text entry submitted, not graded
  5. Link Icon:Website URL submitted, not graded
  6. Muted Icon:Assignment muted

Quiz icon: Quiz submitted, not graded (contains questions that must be manually graded, or an auto-submitted quiz score has been deleted and needs to be reassigned).