Host-License Adobe Connect FAQ

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a synchronous collaboration/presentation tool that includes video and audio, content sharing, interactive chat, live polling, whiteboard, and recording capabilities.

What is the difference between Host-License Adobe Connect and Adobe Connect in Canvas?

NMSU provides access to Adobe Connect in two ways: 1)Adobe Connect in Canvas, which is hosted locally through ICT and provides 500 concurrent virtual seats, and 2)Host-based License Adobe Connect which is a single-user license with 100 virtual seats, and is subject to availability. You can request a host license using this form.

How do I create a meeting in Host-License Adobe Connect?

You have two options for creating a new meeting.

  • To create the meeting in your individual My Meetings folder
    1. Locate the Create New menu bar
    2. Click Meeting.
  • To create your meeting in another folder (such as the Shared Meetings folder) for which you have Manage permission
    1. Click on Meetings in the top navigation bar.
    2. Select your chosen folder (i.e. Shared Meetings) in the Meetings library
    3. Click the New Meeting button
  • Follow the steps in the Meeting Wizard to create your meeting
What is the Adobe Connect App and do I need to install it?

The Adobe Connect App (for desktop and laptop computers) bypasses browser-based flash restrictions by opening the meeting room outside of the browser. The app is required for the following functionality in an Adobe Connect Meeting Room:

  • Screen sharing
  • Offline recording (FLV format)
  • Share a supported file by dragging it into a share pod
  • Sharing PPTX files (Connect 9 only)

We recommend using Chrome browser and installing the app prior to joining the meeting room. Once you enter the meeting room you may be also be prompted to install or update the Adobe Connect App. Click Yes and the App will install and re-load the meeting room. You may have to click allow an additional time. The notification may appear at the top of the screen or in the middle of the screen depending on your browser.

You can install and test the meeting app from the links below:



How do I set up my microphone?

Adobe Connect broadcasts audio in meetings or training sessions using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and the microphones on attendees’ computer systems.

Hosts and Presenters have microphone privileges enabled by default. Participants can be granted microphone privileges through the Audio drop-down menu, or individually by hovering over the participant’s name in the attendees pod. In the main menu bar, click the microphone button. The icon will turn green to indicate the microphone is enabled. As you speak, sound waves appear in the button icon, indicating that the microphone is registering sound.

From the Meeting drop-down menu, select Audio Setup Wizard.

The Audio Setup Wizard will walk you through 4 steps that help ensure the best possible audio quality in your meeting. The Audio Setup Wizard is available for all meeting attendees with microphone privileges. You should run the Audio Wizard every time you enter the meeting room.

Step 1: Will test your speakers

Step 2: Will allow you to select the microphone for audio
input. You may or may not have additional input options
based on your computer configuration.

Step 3: Will allow you to record an audio test and playback
the recording. This step will also allow Adobe Connect to
adjust your microphone level for optimal sound.

Step 4: Will test the amount of background noise in the room. If you choose to run the Test Silence part of the Audio Setup Wizard, you and any others in the physical room will have to stay quiet for the duration of the test. You can skip this step
and move directly to the last screen and complete the Wizard.

If you need to make adjustments to your microphone volume, click the menu button to the right of the microphone icon, and choose Adjust Microphone Volume. You can also mute your microphone by clicking on the microphone icon, or selecting Mute My Microphone from the menu.

When an attendee is speaking, the microphone icon is displayed next to their name in the Attendees pod.

Can meetings be recorded? How do I record a meeting?

Hosts can record the entire Adobe Connect meeting, including audio, video, and the contents of any pod, including screen shares. When played back, the recording shows exactly what the attendees saw and heard. Everything that happens in the room is recorded, with the exception of the Presenter Only area and breakout rooms.

To record, click on the Meeting drop down menu and select Record Meeting.

You will be prompted to name your recording and enter an optional summary. You can create a new name, or choose the default provided.

Once recording has started, hosts and participants will see the recording notification in the upper right corner of the screen. The red dot indicator will remain for the duration of recording.

Click on the red dot for the option to Pause Recording or Stop Recording.

Make sure you stop the recording before you close or exit the meeting room.

Does the host of the conference have to stay in the Adobe Connect meeting room?

Host-based Adobe Connect requires that the named host remain in the meeting room for the duration of the session.