How do I create assignments using Turnitin?

Creating a Turnitin Assignment

Please review the following for information about how to enable Turnitin in your course. Some instructors prefer to allow students to view the Turnitin Originality Report (OR) so that students have the opportunity to check their work and fix any issues that may be flagged in their Assignments prior to submitting for grading. Students will review the OR prior to the due date and resubmit their papers to the same assignment if issues were raised. After the Assignment due date, instructors should then grade the Assignment and review the OR. This is a setting that you will have to change for each Assignment, and can be accessed under “More Options” in the settings. Below you will find detailed instructions on how enable Turnitin and allow students to view their reports.

Please contact for additional support with Turnitin.


Steps to Create a Turnitin Assignment

  1. Create a graded Assignment.  For the Submission Type, choose online. Then you can select Text Entry, File Upload, or both.

This image shows the assignments page in Canvas, which is the first step to enabling Turnitin in your courses

  1. Once you have chosen your Submission Type, you will see a new setting display below it, called Plagiarism Review.  From the dropdown menu, select Turnitin.  Select your settings and click save.

This image shows a Canvas assignment in "edit" mode to show the assignment settings options

Turnitin Settings

This image shows the Turnitin settings of an assignment in Canvas.

  1. Store submissions in: Instructors have the option to submit papers to the Turnitin paper repository. When papers are submitted to the repository, they are checked against all previous submissions within the current course and previous course offerings. Note: Submitting to the paper repository AND allowing students to submit and overwrite Originality Reports will not cause resubmissions to match to earlier submissions within the same Assignment.
  2. Compare submissions against:The instructor can select which sources are student submissions are checked against. Similarity indexes will decrease when fewer choices are selected.

Recommended: Check All

  1. Exclude bibliographic materials: This allows for Turnitin to exclude matches that appear in Works Cited, Bibliography, or References section of submissions. This may be overridden in individual Originality Reports. Selecting Yes will lower the Similarity Index.

Recommended: Yes

  1. Exclude quoted materials: If enabled, then text appearing within quotation marks will be exclude from Originality Reports. This may be overridden in individual Originality Reports. This is discipline specific.

Recommended: Yes

  1. Exclude small sources: Instructors can choose to exclude matches that are not of significant length. The size of the match is set by the instructor. This may be overridden in individual Originality Reports.

Recommended: Yes

  1. Enable grammar checking using ETS e-rater technology: Provides feedback for grammar and other writing traits in GradeMark. This feedback is NOT imported into  Canvas’s Speedgrader or Gradebook.
  2. Show originality report to students: This allows students to view their Originality Report and, when used in conjunction with the option to allow students to generate Originality Report Immediately (resubmissions are allowed until due date) then Turnitin becomes a learning tool for student writing. If NO is selected, only instructors will be able to view Similarity Indexes and Originality Reports.

Recommended: Yes