Need to Update i>clicker Base? Look here

If you are experiencing issues with your i>clicker base, including issues with i>clicker’s REEF Polling, please see below for steps on updating your base.

The new i>clicker software requires firmware 5.04 or later, running on a white i>clicker base.

If your base is white and you’re not seeing connectivity between your base and the software, the best solution would be to download the Base Firmware Updater to check the firmware.  Please see the link below to the tool.

iclicker Base Firmware Utility

Click on the link above to find “i>clicker Base Firmware Checker”, which includes downloads for MAC or WIN.

  1. Download the program – it’s a zip file that will download to your downloads file.  Unzip or extract the application to your desktop
  2. Connect your base to your computer and run the application.
  3. It will alert you of the version you are running – if it’s detected version 5.04, don’t update, it’s a different issue at play.
  1. If it’s 4.05, then you’ll want to click on update firmware.  Do not unplug the base or power off during this process.  It takes a few minutes.
  2. When you’re done you should get a success message and the updater software indicate your running 6.02.

Close the firmware updater application, open i>clicker software.  When your base is attached, you should see a green button next to “i>clicker responses enabled” as shown below.

iClicker REEF Polling - Base Update