Online Technologies for Instructional Continuity (COVID-19)

Emergency Online Instruction

If your ability to teach your face-to-face courses is restricted due to an emergency, Academic Technology at NMSU can help. Even if you’ve never taught online, learning the basics of online course delivery can help you keep your courses running during a campus closure. Academic Technology can also help you easily transition back to face-to-face after the emergency is over. Whether you’re new to Canvas or have some experience using learning technologies, the following resources will help you to quickly get up to speed.

Academic Technology March 2020 Recorded Canvas Workshops are now available.

Step 1: Canvas & Content Delivery Basics

  • Log Into Canvas
    log in to canvas

Step 2: Assignment, Course Organization, Grading and Assessment

Step 3: Where Can I Get Help!?

All done. Now what?

  • Register for Workshops. Academic Technology offers training and workshops designed to help instructors teach in the online environment, from Canvas basics and Adobe Connect web conferencing to designing for accessibility.
  • Reach out to Peers. Any instructor with experience teaching online can be a helpful resource. If your department doesn’t have online instructors, try to identify peers who have experience teaching from Canvas. They can be terrific resources during emergencies.

Resources to Share with Students