NMSU Guidance of Proper Use of Turnitin

NMSU guidance on how to use Turnitin:

Turnitin at NMSU should be used as a teaching tool rather than a punitive tool. It should be used to allow students to discover any areas of referencing and citing that need correction or improvement.

Highly Recommended:

To allow students to submit freely to Turnitin, follow the steps below for option #1

  • Create a “Draft” assignment in Canvas
  • As you are creating this assignment, select Turnitin as the Plagiarism Checker
  • Make sure to choose “Do not store in repository” – this will prevent practice assignments from flooding the Turnitin repository and potentially creating “matches” between the students’ draft assignment and the student’s final assignment submission, greatly inflating the percentage match and skewing the results.
  • Encourage students to make practice submissions to the draft assignment

For option #2:

  • Create the assignment that you would like to use Turnitin as a plagiarism review tool
  • Make the assignment available well before the actual Due Date
  • In the directions, state to students that submissions can be made multiple times and that you’ll accept as the final version the most recent submission.
  • In this method, you can check “Store in Repository”, but since it is the same assignment ID number, students’ submissions will not be checked against each preceding submission.
  • *** NOTE: For resubmissions, it will take 24 hours for Turnitin to reprocess the document **