Panopto FAQ

What is Panopto?

Panopto is a video capture and streaming system that replaced NMSU’s Mediasite systems.  It has been installed in most smart classrooms on campus.

Panopto won't work on my personal computer, why?

First Download the Panopto program to your Computer

Next, begin by enabling Panopto in your Canvas course and follow thisguide.
Contact Classroom Technologyif you still need assistance.

Click the image above to watch a short video

Is there a workshop where I can learn about Panopto?

Yes, Panopto workshops are offered several times a year.  Visit our Upcoming Workshops page to see if a Panopto workshop is scheduled. You can also learn more from Classroom Technology’s Using Panopto page, or visit Panopto support for how to guides.

How can I access Panopto?

Panopto can be integrated into your Canvas course and will allow you to use and control Panopto from within Canvas. By being integrated into Canvas, only students registered for your course will be able to view your Panopto recordings.