Canvas Request Forms

Special Canvas requests such as creating non-academic courses, developing content, and requesting department course evaluations require manual administration.

All special requests must be made by completing one of the forms below. Contact Academic Technology at if you have questions concerning this process.

Development Courses

Instructors request development courses to build and design their curriculum for their web courses. These courses are never available to students. These courses are copied into the Canvas courses that are automatically created each semester.

Cross List Canvas Courses

Canvas provides the ability to combine two or more courses together in a single course shell. This allows for content to be shared between the two courses without having to upload the content to more than one course.

Delete Courses

Instructors can request the deletion of Canvas courses that are no longer needed or being used. This course deletion is permanent and cannot be restored once deleted. We recommend that instructors export their Canvas course and download that exported course file to their computer prior to requesting the course be deleted. For instructions on how to export a course click here.

Non-Academic Courses

Non-Academic courses are those web courses that are not identified as an academic course by the registrar’s office. The following are common non-academic courses in our learning management system: NMSU affiliated programs, NMSU communities, and group organizations. Non-Academic courses are automatically renewed at the end of the academic year.

Re-open Course for Incompletes

A course can be re-opened to allow a student to finish incomplete coursework from a previous semester. The student must be on record as having an incomplete for the course, and the instructor’s request to re-open a course must be approved by the Department Head and then the Academic Dean before the course can be re-opened in Canvas.

CES Survey/Project Request

Departments may request assistance in using CES for student surveys by completing this form. By default, only the instructor of record will be evaluated for the courses listed within this form. Evaluating any other role is a special request and needs to be requested/explained in the box titled “Additional Information and Special Requests.” Visit Watermark (CES) at NMSU or Watermark (CES) FAQ to learn more.

Guest Accounts

The Canvas guest account process is now in place. The three step process will help safeguard student records while allowing non-NMSU individuals access to Canvas. The steps include:

1. The Canvas Guest Account Request form must be completed and submitted.

2. The request form will be automatically routed to the department head and academic dean for approval.

3. Once approved, the guest account will be created.

 Adobe Connect Host License

Adobe Connect is available for all instructors through Canvas. The Adobe Connect Host License option is available for situations where Adobe Connect in Canvas is not an option. Contact Academic Technology if you need help deciding which Adobe Connect installation will work for you.

Canvas Announcement Request

You may request that an announcement for your event be placed in Canvas. Only five (5) announcements will appear on Canvas at a time, and spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Canvas announcements can be targeted to a specific campus, (i.e. NMSU- Las Cruces, DACC, Alamogordo, etc.) and a specific audience (students or faculty). Announcements can be text format, or you may upload a poster image. Please read the full instructions on the request form before submitting your announcement request.

Zoom Telehealth Account Request

You NMSU provides a HIPPA compliant Zoom telehealth account by departmental request only. This account can be used to support the delivery of NMSU services, student learning activities such as clinical hours or research.