Canvas Global Announcement Guidelines

Canvas is the learning management system for New Mexico State University students and faculty.  The Canvas Global Announcements are intended to offer brief and timely information about NMSU technical issues, student academic opportunities, and other academic items of interest to the entire campus community.

Announcements submitted will be given preference for posting by Academic Technology based on the following descending order of importance:

  1. Messages from departments, divisions or offices critical to the entire campus community (emergency messages, urgent deadlines, etc.)
  2. Messages applicable to a majority of campus constituencies
  3. Messages applicable to a majority of a specific campus constituency

ONLY campus groups, entities and campus community members (students, faculty and staff) may submit items to the Canvas Global Announcements section.

This is not the appropriate venue for public service announcements.  If you wish to post a public service announcement, please contact University Communications to seek the best venue.  Announcements from off-campus entities are not appropriate for this venue and will not be considered.


Submission Guidelines:

  • The Canvas Announcement request form should be submitted to Academic Technology three days prior to the requested post date
  • Announcements will be posted for no more than five business days.
  • Organizations will be limited to one announcement per week.
  • No more than five announcements will appear on Canvas at any time.
  • Communications must support the academic or administrative functions of the university.
  • Wording must be clear, specific, and jargon-free.
  • Text announcements should not exceed 250 characters and contain a link to a page containing additional information.
  • Posters should be designed for the web, have a width of no more than 768px, a height of no more than 432px, and be no larger than 6MB.
  • Announcements for research volunteers, commercial bodies, individual student societies or special-interest groups are not normally accepted.
  • Academic Technology reserves the right to refuse, amend, or remove a requested publicity item at their discretion.

If your announcement meets these guidelines, continue to the Canvas Announcement Request Form.