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What is NMSU's guidance on using Turnitin?

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NMSU’s guidance on proper use of Turnitin: This software should be used as a teaching tool. Students should have the opportunity to practice viewing written submissions that are processed through Turnitin. The use of Turnitin as a punitive tool should be avoided for most assignments.

How do I create assignments using Turnitin?
What do the colors mean in the Turnitin Originality Reports, Gradebook and SpeedGrader mean?
What extra steps do my students need to take to submit assignments using Turnitin?
Can I use Turnitin for Discussions?

Turnitin is only available for use with Canvas Assignments. It is not available for Discussions or Quizzes

Can I, as the instructor, test Turnitin or use it for my own academic writing?

Yes! To test submissions with Turnitin, click into “Student View” in Canvas. While in Student View, simply go to the assignment you’ve created and upload the file. Make sure the assignment availability dates will allow for a submission. NOTE: For simple testing of assignments, PLEASE make sure the Assignment Settings for Turnitin are set to “Do Not Store Submissions. Failure to do this will add your “test” submission or your curiosity submission to be used by Turnitin’s database to test future submissions against. This may lead to false Turnitin Originality reports for any further submissions by you of the uploaded document.

For legitimate articles you’ve written, feel free to turn on “Store Submissions in: Standard Paper Repository’.

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