Activate your NMSU Zoom Account

Zoom is available for all New Mexico State University faculty, staff, and students.

Follow the instructions below to activate your NMSU Zoom account.

You must use your NMSU email address to activate your account.

Activate your account:

Step 1: Go to in your browser. Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers to use.

Step 2: Choose Sign in

Step 3: Log in using your NMSU credentials

Step 4: You may receive a verification email from Zoom that you will need to use to complete your account activation. Check your Clutter or Junk folders in your NMSU email account. If you have an existing Zoom account, follow the Switch instructions below*

Step 5: Once you have activated your NMSU Zoom account, test your ability to participate in a Zoom meeting using the Zoom Test Meeting.


*Switch Your Account: If you have previously made a Zoom account using your NMSU email address, you will be asked to switch to the NMSU Zoom account. You will receive an emailed invitation asking you to switch from your current account to the NMSU Zoom account.

Your browser may remember your previous Zoom account and direct you to the wrong login page. If this happens, you will need to either clear your browser cache, or use a different browser that you have not previously used to log in to Zoom. You must log in to your NMSU Zoom account through

Example of the email message to switch accounts to the NMSU Zoom account
Once you select Switch to the new account you will be prompted to acknowledge and switch your account. Example of the

Email Academic Technology if you have any questions.